The famous song “I’m Every Woman” applies to Kari Warberg Block. As an entrepreneur, speaker inventor, Kari is head and shoulders above most of the competitors in her field. Winner of numerous awards she had done it all. In this week’s episode Kari will talk to The Movement about her many travels and ventures before she found her niche in life and began to encourage, inspire and uplift others.


As the Founder & CEO (Chief Ecology Officer) of EarthKind, LLC, Kari Warberg Block was the first to develop, manufacture, and commercialize non-toxic rodent and insect repellents for home use. Her mission was to build a purpose-led company to create change through business.Kari’s success has been hard earned. Since launching EarthKind®, she has attended every industry event and trade show that she can, and has become involved in government and entrepreneurial networks at all levels to create market transformation. A highly regarded and engaging public speaker, Kari was chosen as one of the top three Small Business People of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration in 2013. That year, she was also awarded the SBA’s highest honor in her home state of North Dakota — Small Business Person of the Year.